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Neck Stretching Device, Back Neck Massager Stretcher, Waist Neck Stretch, Fitness, Spine Relaxation.

  • Daily activities involving extended use on the computer, sitting all day, or physical activities can lead to neck, spine and posture imbalances.
  • The adjustable neck stretcher can assist in relieving these imbalances by gently stretching and re aligning the neck. Regular use can help alleviate chronic neck pain and aid in posture correction. Additionally this cervical neck support stretching device can provide preventive care for your neck and posture.
  • Relieve Pain, Tension, and Stress: This neck stretcher helps your spine flex, stretch, and relax to strengthen tissues and relieve joint pain associated with headaches, soft tissue problems, TMJ, migraines, and common neck and spine related problems
  • Restore Cervical Spine Alignment: Our acupressure pillow and neck stretcher for pain relief can help gently realign the small bones in the neck and spinal area which is important after long hours sitting at a desk, spent driving, or after lengthy flights
  • Ergonomic Acupressure Pillow: Designed to naturally support your head, neck, and shoulders this cervical traction device made with firm, high-density foam can be used for relaxation, active injury recovery, or relieving stiffness, aches, or pain
  • Enhance Natural Circulation: Stretching your neck and shoulders for 10–15-minute sessions every day can help improve blood flow which can further decompress your spine, alleviate inflammation, and relieve knotted muscles at the base of the skull
  • Improve Sleep, Focus, and Productivity: Our neck stretcher pillow and neck and shoulder relaxer can help you feel more focused at work, more relaxed at the end of the day before bed and rejuvenated and ready to go when waking up in the morning.
  • Designed for people of all ages, the neck and shoulder relaxer is portable and lightweight and can be used anywhere. Simple installation and ease-of-use make it perfect for accompanying you as you travel, or at home or even at the office!
  • Why not start getting your neck and posture into shape today? 


People who are unwell, who have recently undergone surgery or have neck or back injuries, please consult a doctor before using this product.

You may experience some discomfort when you first start using the neck stretcher until you get used to it. Normally your neck will need 1-3 days to adapt to this neck stretcher pillow because it needs time to gently align to the curvature. Just relax, take it slow and breathe through it.

Please DO NOT use this as an ordinary pillow  and DO NOT use it more than 20 minutes or all night. 


  1. Find a quiet place where you can lay down or sit back for about 10 minutes. This can be on a bed, sofa, floor or recliner.
  2. Locate the neck support of the device around the middle of your neck. Start with gentle traction (convex side under your head).
  3. Gently reposition on the device, up or down along your spine to locate the most comfortable position for your neck. Bent your knees, put your hand beside your head.
  4. Once comfortable, allow your neck to settle further into the support. Taking slow deep breaths helps to relax.
  5. Take notice of how the support is reinforcing your posture. You may observe at this point that you are releasing tension.
  6. You may notice your neck, traps and shoulder muscles relax further and your posture become more aligned.
  7. Reposition lightly every few minutes to prevent localized fatigue. You may re-assume your position if need.
  8. Like any new exercise, start off slowly. Use the gentle support level for 5 minutes then reassess whether or not you can use it for an additional 5 minutes. Progress gradually as you are comfortable.
  9. If you feel you can use more neck support, use the strong traction neck support ( concave side under your head).
  10. NOTE: At first, you may feel slight discomfort as your muscles and joints adjust to their new positions. If you feel pain, discontinue using device and consult with your healthcare professional.
  11. This product is waterproof. If there is a smell, simply use warm water with liquid soap or any sanitizer commonly used in the home or healthcare setting, and place it in a well ventilated area for 24 up to 48 hours.

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8.66 x 6.69 x 5.51"


Please allow small difference in size due to manual measurement, Dimensions are only for reference. Also please be reminded that due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness/contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the colour tone of the website's photo and the actual item. Thank you for understanding.

Package Includes: 

1 x Pcs Neck Stretcher


Brand Name: JZIKI
Application: NECK
Material: TPE
Item Type: Massage, Stretch & Relaxation
Type: Back Massager

Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Item Type1: Back Support Stretcher
Item Type2: Lumbar massage tractor
Item Type3: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Back, Neck

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Feature: Cervical spine stretch pillow
Size: 22cm x 17cm x 14 cm / 8.66 x 6.69 x 5.51"

Features: Neck pain relief in just 10 minutes.
Simple and effective physical solution to relieve neck stiffness, helping to restore proper cervical curvature associated with continued use.
Dense and soft foam design provides firm, light and comfortable base.