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Funki Buys | Mugs | Large Ceramics Cat Mug | Spoon Lid | 20oz

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Looking for something a little bit different for the cat lover in your life? Check out these Cute Cartoon Cat Ceramic Mugs. 

  • Turn your daily routine into something special. Whether you need a tea or coffee in the morning to wake you up or a hot chocolate in the evening before bed these sweet cat mugs set the right tone every time.
  • Why use any boring old mug when you can show off your love of animals, especially cats? Great for work or the home office or for when friends come round. they are sure to be a talking point. Your friends will love them!
  • Made from high quality ceramic porcelain and measuring 7.48 x 2.36" and able to hold 20oz of your favorite beverage, these large capacity hand drawn designed mugs with their sleek ergonomic handle fit comfortably in the hand. They are the  perfect size for drinks of any kind. 
  • These fun cartoon cat mugs are strong, durable and sturdy. With wide mouths, heavy ceramic bases and insulative properties they keep drinks hotter and colder for longer.
  • Easy to use and clean they are dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks such as hot chocolate, coffee, tea, milk and more they are perfect for your morning or evening brew or for when friends come round. They are sure to be a talking point!
  • Use as a decorative piece for your home, kitchen or office. Handy as storage for pens, plants, sweets, etc. Add to your novelty designed collection or just to feature a bit of fun to your home or office desk.
  • Great gift idea for the cup lover or collector. Perfect gift for cat and coffee lovers alike for Birthdays, Christmas, Graduation or other special occasions. Fill them with chocolates or treats to give as gifts for office workmates and friends.


Why buy a set for yourself and a set as a gift?

Or pair it with our long handled spoons.long handled coffee spoonscat paw coasters, or cat paw spoons.

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600ml / 20oz

5.5 x 16.0 x 9.0cm / 2.16 x 6.29 x 3.54"